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Project Description
Article page, Basket Page, Order summary , articles can be imported as N2 pages (up2000 in one node) or to File DB, DbActicle URL can overwritten by N2.Article

Goal :

-have and ASP.NET MVC store
-have one CMS user to write additional content
-with possibility to add Content Pages
-cover store articles URL with CMS URL
-no SQL server required
-anonymous (no registration or login) order process
-simple css, easy to change , responsive design READY
* N2 content can be stored in SQL server
* articles are imported directly to Lucene search engine storage
SEO friendly article urls, google tags


-No DB is need !!!
-In simplest configuration N2 content can be stored SQL light.
-Articles can be stored In cache file and in N2 content DB.


Articles can be added to N2 and edited as pages.
Articles can be imported from csv file :
-to N2 as content pages.
-to separate file, without possibility to edit it N2.
-N2 routing wins over store content, that means article URL imported to file can be overwritten by URL article added in N2.

Simple order process:

-order is anonymous
-articles are added to basket
-user fills address
-on confirmation page on submit mail to order handler and order-er is send
(mail is configured in web.config) , this part You would probably want to change for Your
business requirements ( CHANGE IT !!!)

Data import :

There is some import logic from CSV in import controller
( CHANGE IT !!!)

- upload csv file to upload/import folder
-run import action by calling import url
-check administration controller

<add key="NodeAllArticle" value="Meble" />

Web.config to change for sure:

// change password for n2 user
some actions in N2 are related to user "admin"
<user name="admin" password="111111"

//// Change email sender robot
<smtp deliveryMethod="Network">
<network host="" port="587" defaultCredentials="true" userName="" password="sicret.password1@" />


Site is simple have few styles , now it have unhappy views but CSS is simple and can be responsive.

Sample data :

-Some chair articles are added
-Remove them from Admin Controller

Before going to production

-change web.config
-change GUI , CSS
-change import process

Article storage

-one N2 node can have up to 200 children more is hard to view in N2 design mode
-storing 10 000 articles in Lucene is fast, Lucene can take much more when it's configured
-checkout TESTS

Why there is /lib folder @#$!!!

N2 have libraries witch it uses(injects it), they are not visible via visual studio.
So, please copy those files to /bin after first build or rebuild

My comment

I did it during Christmas brake in 2013, it need TESTS and front end.
Since thane no better option came up now, so I publish what I have.

I future I'll try to add more info.

So, HAVE FUN !!!!!

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